Credit bureau-free loans with immediate disbursement

Even Credit bureau has now recognized that its own creditworthiness data are not always meaningful and up-to-date. The reason for this is, on the one hand, that new credit providers are using different and better methods and are actually able to provide instant Credit bureau-free loans.

In addition, Credit bureau has placed itself in a very confusing situation when, for example, receivables from electricity supply contracts were accepted as open receivables even in the event of disreements. You probably also remember the bankruptcy of a network of companies from the electricity sector, in which despite the prepayments paid, double claims were made! Since Credit bureau is only a private company, there is actually no obligation for a lender to actually use their data. Instead, the new loan providers are using different, more modern data.

Get started with proof of income

Get started with proof of income

Credit bureau-free loans with immediate disbursement are also possible at relatively good interest rates. That is also why the lender wants to convince himself of the high repayment probability by the customer. For this reason, lending assumes that the customer provides proof of income: A we or salary slip, a pension notification or similar documents provide the lender with information about the monthly income available.

Using a rough calculation, he then calculates whether the borrower would in theory be able to make the repayment. If this question can be answered with yes, then the credit application process continues.

Experiences of other business partners

Experiences of other business partners

In the world of the Middle es, the markets were clear and mobility was much less than it is today. A glance at how someone dealt with their business partners or their employees and what judgment was formed on the market was sufficient. However, today’s world looks different, so this personal judgment had to be replaced by a more standardized one. Credit bureau-free loans with immediate disbursement value the experience of other, similar business partners.

For example, if you buy in a furniture store or from various mail order companies and pay very slowly, you can certainly get a negative judgment from your business partners. Because Credit bureau-free loans with immediate disbursement do not use Credit bureau credit rating data, but the exchanged payment information at mail order companies and similar providers. If you always pay on time there, you can also send out a good credit signal.

Loan processing and the provision of disbursements then go relatively quickly: the new loan providers have structured their work processes so that a quick loan decision and immediate disbursement are the rule rather than the exception.

The calculation of the probability of repayment is relatively quick and the preparation of an offer is quite possible in a working day. The only thing that the government introduced a few years o, when opening a bank account, is hostile to the economy and delays the payment until you have presented one.

However, this template is no longer necessary for the second loan from the same bank or financing partner! The immediate payment by bank transfer means that the loan amount is then often available on the next bank working day.

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